Experience the AMPLI-Calf® Difference

AMPLI-Calf® is a combination of unique, proprietary ingredients, including a natural palatability enhancer, an immune modulating compound, a prebiotic dietary fiber that maintains lower gut health and a unique source of fiber for better digestion.

AMPLI-Calf® Starters for ages 3 days to 12 weeks get calves started on a healthy growth program.  AMPLI-Calf® Grower continues this outstanding growth in calves when they reach 12 weeks and until 24 weeks, providing them with the proper balance of nutrition and rumen development  they need to become a cow with more profit potential. 


Ampli-Calf Difference cow

Contact your local Purina Animal Nutrition representative or calf & heifer specialist to learn more about how you can incorporate these products into your herd.

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